Cristaluminium prints in WOW Leiden

Article text
In june and july 2016 I will exhibit a series of cristaluminium prints in WOW in Leiden. Subject: limited visibility. Everyday reality seen through natural filters such as shadows, glare, water, steamed up windows and the like. Elements that limit our vision, but at the same time enrich it.

Cristaluminium print is a process I have been developing in the past year. Black and white photos are printed on delicate paper, coated with Golden digital ground. As the paper is not perfectly flat, the printer leaves vague ink traces that add an unpredictable, graphic element to the picture.
The print is subsequently mounted on a special background that causes some reflection of ambient light in the white(st) parts of the photo.
Result is a vivid, layered image that looks slightly different in varying lighting conditions.

Unfortunately it’s hard to do justice to these cristaluminium prints online. The following examples are pictures óf pictures; they lack the depth and feel of the originals. So if you’re interested, please do visit WOW in Leiden if you can.